The Most Overlooked Problem in Generator Installations

One of the most prominent issues OEM builders face with generator installations is airflow and the quality of the air circulating within the generator compartment. The issue doesn't come to light in most cases until the specialty vehicle is completed and in service. By this time, alterations can be costly and time-consuming.

PowerTech had a potential customer reach out to us after experiencing persistent overheating issues with a competitor's generator installed into a specialty vehicle. PowerTech offered to conduct the proper tests to understand why their generator was having overheating issues. In conclusion to the test, the PowerTech engineering team found an issue with hot air recirculating back into the generator compartment, causing the generator to overheat. After discovering this problem, the engineering group designed and manufactured a deflector to redirect the hot air away from the generator's intake. This design allowed the generator to run at standard temperatures and prevented the generator set from overheating.

One of the benefits of providing custom solutions for mobile applications is having an in-house fabrication facility. PowerTech can provide customers with custom elements on their generator that offer problem-solving solutions to their specialty vehicle, trailer, or mobile structure by keeping this vital customization aspect in-house.


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