Customization, What's it really worth?

If you're familiar with PowerTech, you know we've been building custom generators for almost three decades. Some customers don't understand how much value is in a custom generator. If you break down how much time and money that is spend altering a stock generator to "make it work," you might find it's more trouble than it's worth. Also, you'll most likely have to compromise sound, air flow, or kW size. Why would you compromise if you have the option to get everything you would want in a generator?

On a visit to see one of our specialty vehicle manufacturers, the PowerTech team was touring the facility. One of our Engineers discovered they were altering their base pans on a generator. After asking why they were modifying the base pans, we found it wasn't one, but all of their base pans. Modifications like this are no simple task: a matter of fact, this consumed hours of their time per generator. After observing the alteration and properly engineering a solution, PowerTech was able to customize their base pans to their specification. Something as simple as custom base pans saved this company countless hours and money that is now focused on building quality specialty vehicles.

A custom base pan is one example of how PowerTech could customize a generator to fit your application. Find out what we can do for you.


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