Providing Customization, All The Way Down To The Color

Sometimes the customization required for the job doesn't need a large engineering team, but it requires the capability and the attention to detail to satisfy the customer. Something as simple as the color of the generator could cause issues with logistics, quality control, and completion dates if not appropriately handled.

PowerTech's sales team was contacted by a military sub-contractor who received a contract to build specialized communications trailers. Part of these trailers' scope was that everything had to be a uniform color with a specific color code. This request also included the generator set. The result of this request left our client with the burden of outsourcing an aftermarket painting facility to paint the generator sets a precise color that the project required.

PowerTech was able to source the requisite color in powder coat and provided generator sets that perfectly matched the trailer's specifications. PowerTech's ability to provide this service saved the customer time, the expense of relying on an outsourced coating provider, and the possible issues with damaged or lost freight with shipping the generators to unnecessary locations.

PowerTech has made the capital expenditures to fabricate and coat all metal components in-house. These investments allow PowerTech to be flexible and meet customer's customization requests quickly and with minimal disruption to standard lead times.


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