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It's always exciting to discover new and emerging markets within the mobile industry. Commerce, marketing, and entertainment are three industries gaining momentum after 2020. The pandemic accelerated the move from a brick-and-mortar storefront to an online and mobile application. We call this phenomenon the "Amazonization" of the world. This way of conducting business started in the foodservice industry with food trucks in the early 2010s. Now, it's catching on in many sectors that were becoming stale in their stationary storefronts.




The PT-12KSiC is a quiet and reliable diesel generator. This commercial grade generator is completely enclosed with sheet metal and a sound deadening foam. The exhaust is concealed within the enclosure with a quiet pancake muffler. This diesel generator is perfect for any commercial application needing a quiet 12 kW power source.


  • Single phase model
  • Available in 60 Hz or 50 Hz (8 kW @ 50 Hz)
  • Industrial diesel engine CARB and EPA certified Tier 4
  • 1800 RPM operation for long life (1500 RPM @ 50 Hz)
  • Brushless generator with an automatic voltage regulator
  • Safety shutdowns for high water temp and low oil pressure
  • Convenient single side service
  • 4 point mounting system with vibration isolators


Today, PowerTech is excited to help play a role in these experiential specialty vehicles, trailers, and mobile structures. Examples of these segments are mobile retail stores, mobile automatic teller machines, LED trucks, and mobile video game trailers, to name a few. We see an extensive range of generators integrated into these mobile applications from our 8 kW to 60kW generator sets. Because the demand varies so much, it requires a PowerTech Sales Segment Manager to help navigate and direct our clients to the correct power solution.


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