TIER 4 Final 20 kW Bloodmobile Generators

Your Solution For New and Retrofitting Blood Bus Generators

PowerTech generators are used in many applications. Most of them are in mobile applications like a sprinter van, food truck, or mobile medical vehicle. These applications usually require customization due to size limitations or other restrictions that prevent customers from using "stock generators."

Blood buses are no different. On the contrary to what most believe, the bay of a blood bus is limited in size and require special modifications to accommodate the needs of bloodmobiles. PowerTech has created a specific model for this application called the PTI-20BML. So what makes this different from our PTI-20? This diesel generator uses a modified base pan, a low profile radiator, and relocated air filter. As blood centers replace generators with the new TIER 4 Final models, PowerTech has confirmed an installation process for the PTI-20BML that does not require substantial modification to the bus. Without these heavy modifications, the PTI-20BML saves the customer both time and money on retrofit projects.

Like all generators that are custom built by PowerTech, our goal is to provide solutions where a stock generator will not work. Although the PTI-20BML is a custom model generator, it doesn't mean the customization stops there. Let our experienced solutions team engineer the bloodmobile generator that is specifically designed to your needs.


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