What Style Fuel Filter Do I Have?

If you have a fuel filter on a PowerTech Kubota engine that was purchased after 2012, then you might be asking yourself, what style fuel filter do I have?  PowerTech introduced a new style fuel filter in 2012 called the Kubota D06 fuel filter.  That filter replaced the Kubota D04 fuel filter.  Because PowerTech generators are custom, we have continued to use the D04 filters on some applications.  So, how do you tell the difference? 

The Kubota D06 fuel filter (or the PowerTech part number: 08FF17) is much taller in appearance.  It also has a different housing.  The housing shown in the picture below has banjo fittings where the fuel hose is connected.  The banjo fittings can swivel and are needed on some generators.

In addition, the Kubota D06 fuel filter is used for the Kubota 3300, 3600, and 3800 models.

Kubota D06 Fuel FilterKubota D06 Fuel Filter Housing

This is the link to the Kubota D06 Fuel Filter.  The PowerTech Part number is 08FF17.


The Kubota D04 fuel filter (or the PowerTech part number: 08FF081) is much shorter than the D06 filter.  If you've purchased a Kubota Diesel PowerTech generator before 2012, this will be your replacement.  As you can see in the pictures below, the housing looks different from the D06.  This filter housing does not have the banjo fittings on the hose barbs.

Kubota D04 Fuel FilterKubota D04 Housing Fuel Filter

This is the link to the Kubota D04 Fuel Filter.  The PowerTech part number is 08FF081.


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