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March 27, 2019

Customization has been Power Tech's priority since the beginning. We create solutions for customers who require power within some pretty unbelievable mobile applications. As the mobile industry grows, we're called upon to engineer generators that meet the demands our customers have come to expect from Power Tech.  The mobile entertainment industry is a perfect example of how companies have emerged to bring the show to the fans. This sector would include mobile stages, mobile gaming trailers, LED screen trailers, portable LED, digital message boards, and mobile video trucks. Power Tech has engineered a catalog of mobile generators to supply this market with the power they need to run their businesses. 

Mobile Entertainment Generator

"Quiet and reliable mobile power is everything when it comes to a commercial Generator"

Power Tech can provide reliable power within a custom enclosure with an industrial, commercial-grade engine running at a consistent 1800 RPMs. We offer an advanced controller with remote monitoring for companies who want to see the current status of their generators on the job from anywhere in the world. Customization can continue with engine specification, generator output, and accessories to supplement your power needs.

Quiet Diesel Generator for mobile entertainment
20,000kW Mobile Diesel Generator

20kW Enclosed Quiet Diesel Generator

The PTi-20SS is an enclosed 20,000W diesel generator.  This quiet generator is unmatched when it comes to sound isolation.  Equipped with a powder-coated enclosure and stainless steel doors, this commercial-grade generator is out of sight and out of mind.