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March 13, 2018


Preventative maintenance can go a long way, especially when it comes to your generator. Like any engine, changing the filters are basic maintenance 101. Many times in our busy lives basic engine maintenance falls to the wayside. Out of sight, out of mind until you go to start your generator and it won’t crank.

This happened to one of our customers with a PT-3SV2 generator. These generators are commonly mounted under the chassis of Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit Vans. Our customer was traveling and needed the generator to power the heater in his Sprinter Van.   So, he followed the same steps as he always did to start his generator and noticed it would not crank. After trying to crank the generator a number of times, he contacted our service department for assistance. Our service department came to the conclusion that the generator wasn’t getting the proper airflow to the intake and recommended for him to send it to a Power Tech certified service center. During the inspection of the air intake, the service center discovered the air filter element was partially disintegrated and was stuck in the intake of the engine. This prevented the generator from cranking. After consulting with the customer about his situation, he advised that the air filter had not been changed in over a year. Due to the size restrictions and the limited space available for the air cleaner, the air filter element on the PT-3SV2 Sprinter van generator is a paper style filter element.  

Sprinter Van Diesel Generator

Because there’s no wire or mesh support on the air filter, it is mandatory to replace the air filter every time the oil is changed on the unit. If you'd like to learn more about the PT-3SV2 Sprinter Van Generator, please click here.


3 kW Air Filter Element


3 kW Picolino Air Cleaner Housing