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April 21, 2017

Below are the top ten questions our service department get asked the most.  This troubleshooting list is general questions ranging from diesel to gas mobile generators.  If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please contact us



Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  What type of oil should I use in my Power Tech generator:
A:  15/40 Shell Rotella or Chevron Delo

Q: When should I service my generator?
A:  The first service should be at 50 hours.  After your first service, you should service your generator every 100 hours.

Q: The generator turns over but will not start.  What do I do?
A:  First, check the fuel level in the vehicle.  Your fuel tank must be above a quarter of a tank full.  Then, check to see if your fuel pump is pumping fuel.  Once you've checked that, Look for smoke from the exhaust pipe.  If you don't see smoke, it could be a bad solenoid or something wrong with your injection pump. 

Q:  Why do I have black smoke and a strong diesel smell coming from my generator?
A:  It is most likely a dirty fuel filter or air filter.  Changing your filters on regular basis helps prevent stress on your generator and makes it more fuel efficient. 

Q:  Can I run my generator while I'm driving down the road?
A:  In most Power Tech applications you can.  Please check with your local dealer for running restrictions. 

Q:  What should my antifreeze mixture be?
A:  Most units require a 50/50 mix.  Power Tech uses Prestone pre-mix

Q:  How many hours can I expect to get out of my generator?
A:  There are many variables to the longevity of your generator.  A well-maintained generator plays a big role in the life of your Power Tech generator.  We have seen 80,000 hours on several Power Tech units.  The average life span is over 30,000 hours. 

Q:  Why is my generator running but is not producing power to my coach?
A:  Check the main circuit breakers on the generator.  They're located on the front panel of the control box (where your start/stop switch is located).  Make sure the breakers are in the up position. 

Q:  Where is the voltage regulator located on the generator?
A:  Regulators are located in the control panel behind the start/stop switch.  Click here to view our regulators. 

Q:  Does my Power Tech generator have a low battery start function? 
A:  Most of the generators manufactured by Power Tech do not have this function.  This feature is an option when purchasing a new Power Tech Generator.


This blog post was provided by Jeff Jones in the Power Tech Service Department.