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APU 5KW Drive Belt

Power Tech Mobile Generator Drive Belt for the 5 kW APU Generator

Drive belt for the 5 kW APU Power Tech Truck generators.  This drive belt has an elastic belt featuring ten longitudinal ribs.  The belt tension can be stabilized after just a few minutes of use.  Tension will not change throughout the lifetime of the belt.  The 5 kW drive belt's elastic properties guarantee automatic and constant tension.  

Tech Tip: When installing the new drive belt on your 5 kW APU Generator, do not pry on the belt with a screwdriver.  It creates small cuts in the belt and will result in a damaged belt that will need to be replaced again.  Instead, remove all the bolts except one from your pulley.  Place the belt on the pulley and press the pulley back up to the original position.  Reinstall the bolts and the installation is complete.  Please note, these belts stretch and will be tight during the installation.


The Power Tech Mobile Generator Part Number:  03BELT5KW