• Power Tech Electric 12 Volt Fuel Pump

    $80.95 Pumps
    Power Tech Mobile Generator Electric 12 Volt Fuel Pump. 12-volt electric fuel pump for a Power Tech generator.  This fuel pump is the replacement for all diesel generators running on a 12-volt system.  This fuel pump measures a...
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  • Kubota 05 Oil Filter

    $15.95 Filters
     Kubota oil filter for the following engine models:  905, 1005, 1305, 1505, 1105. PT# 01FO05S
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  • Kubota Air Filter for 5-12kw Metal Canisters

    $30.95 Filters
    Kubota air filter for a metal canister (5-12kw generators).   Diameter:  3.25"  PT# 04FA221
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  • 1 1/4" Exhaust Flex Pipe

    $62.95 Flexpipe
    1 1/4" Exhaust Flex Pipe For Power Tech Mobile Generator (3-12 kW) Power Tech Mobile Generator 1 1/4" Exhaust Flex Pipe. This flex pipe is commonly used for the 3 - 12 kW generators.  The thread size measurement is based on the...
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  • Kubota 05 Fuel Solenoid (3 Wire)

    $163.95 Solenoids
     Kubota fuel solenoid for an 05 series engine.  This is a 3 wire solenold.  Part number on the solenoid is SA-4569. PT# 05SOLF05S
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  • Kubota 05 Fuel Solenoid (2 Wire)

    $188.95 Solenoids
     Kubota fuel shutdown solenoid for an 05 series engine.  This solenoid has 2 wires. PT# 05SOLF05S-NEW
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  • APU Rear Engine Mount

    $52.95 Mounts
    Power Tech Mobile Generator APU Rear Engine Mount  Rear engine mount for the Kubota and Caterpillar APU truck generator.  The APU truck generators require two rear engine mounts on both the Kubota and Caterpillar models.     F...
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  • ECU 64 Controller

    $449.95 Controllers
    ECU-64 Controller.  A maintain start/stop switch is required for this unit.  PT# 07CONECU64
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  • 02/03 Kubota Bypass Hose

    $11.95 Hoses
    Kubota Bypass Hose for a Power Tech Mobile Generator 15 - 20 KW  Power Tech Mobile Generator Kubota bypass hose for the water pump.  This bypass hose is for units made in 2008 and older. This bypass hose was used on the foll...
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