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12kw Exciter Generator End

Power Tech Mobile Generator 12 kW Exciter Generator End 

Exciter 12 kW generator end for a Power Tech generator.  This generator end replaces 10 kW and 12kW exciter type generators with the letter "C" as the third letter in the Power Tech serial number.  

Generator ends do not include the voltage regulator.  Although voltage regulators are not always required, it's highly recommended to replace the regulator when replacing the generator end.  In addition, it covers the generator end under warranty during installation.  Without the regulator, there's no warranty on the generator end.  To view the VR2.4 regulator,  Click Here.  


Finding what engine is on your Power Tech generator.

Power Tech serial numbers are usually located on the control box or outside the enclosure.  This depends on the make and model of the generator and when it was made.  On generators pre-1999, it could be stamped on the generator end.

Breaking down the serial number.

Serial numbers usually look something like this: KJC25DDD1234

For this part, your Power Tech serial number should start with "KJC", "IAC", or "KNC".

The Power Tech Mobile Generator Part Number: 02GEN12EXCR