20kw Generator End SAE#4

Power Tech Mobile Generator 20 kW Generator End SAE#4

Replacement generator end for a 20 kW Power Tech generator. This generator end has an SAE 4 engine connection. The 20 kW Marathon generator end includes the Rotor, Stator, Exciter Rotor, Exciter Stator, Bell Housing, Bearing, and Drive Plates. This is everything you'll need to place the generator end. Although this generator does not include the voltage regulator, it is highly recommended and would cover the generator under warranty during the installation of the replacement generator end. Without the regulator, this generator end will have no warranty.

What is the difference in SAE 4 and SAE 5

Power Tech generators use SAE 4 and SAE 5 mounting adaptions for the generators. In the illustration below, you'll see a difference in the mounting flange on the two generator ends.  

Mobile Diesel Generator End SAE4


Power Tech uses SAE 4 generator ends on Kubota powered generators. The Kubota models include: 1902, 1903, 2203, 2003T, 2003T-M, and 2203M. One physical difference is the mounting flange on the SAE 4 generator end.


Mobile Diesel Power Generator End SAE 5


Power Tech uses SAE 5 generator ends on Kubota 1505 and 1305 Series generators and Isuzu 4 LE diesel generators. On the SAE 5 generator end, there is an inverted flanger for mounting.  

Please note: SAE 4 and SAE 5 only applies to Marathon TCGE generators Ends.  


Finding what engine is on your Power Tech generator.

Power Tech serial numbers are usually located on the control box or outside the enclosure. This depends on the make and model of the generator and when it was made. On generators pre-1999, it could be stamped on the generator end.

Breaking down the serial number.

Serial numbers usually look something like this: KHA45DDD1234

For this part, your Power Tech serial number should start with "KHA45", "KQA45",or "KTA45"

The Power Tech Mobile Generator Part Number: 02GEN20TCGE

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