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1 1/2" x 19 1/2" Exhaust Flex Pipe

1 1/2" Exhaust Flex Pipe For Power Tech Mobile Generator (15-25 kW)

Power Tech Mobile Generator 1 1/2" Exhaust Flex Pipe. This flex pipe is commonly used for 15 - 25 kW generators.  The thread size measurement is based on the American National Standard Pipe Thread Standards.  The actual outside diameter measurement is 2 1/16."

Tech Tip: The purpose of a flex pipe is to absorb the engine's vibrations to prevent breaks in the weld joints of a rigid pipe setup.  When installing an exhaust flex pipe, do not try to bend the flex to route a turn in your exhaust.  It will result in a broken flex pipe.

The Power Tech Mobile Generator Part Number: 
PT# 04FLXP112X19