Why Mobile Businesses Should Embrace Open-Powered Generators

As a mobile business owner or operator, a generator is among the most vital equipment you require. A generator provides onboard energy for activities like food preparation, lighting, and powering point-of-sale systems. Generators come in two types: enclosed or open-powered. An enclosed generator is a closed unit, usually in a soundproof casing, while an open-powered generator has no casing, and the engine is visible. However, many operators and business owners may have questions about open-powered generators, which we will address in this blog. This post will explore the advantages of using an open-powered generator in mobile business operations.

Optimum Performance Levels

The absence of a soundproof casing and other external fittings on an open-powered generator ensures maximum energy efficiency. Enclosed generators usually have additional parts, such as soundproof material and extra cooling equipment, that can create friction on the engine, ultimately reducing energy efficiency. High-powered open generators allow businesses to power high-demand equipment and appliances without accidentally tripping electrical breakers, ensuring they always function at optimum performance levels.

20 KW Open-powered Diesel Generator




  • 20,000 Watt Open Generator
  • Tier 4 Final Clean Diesel Engine
  • Optional Remote Radiator
  • Rugged Industrial Grade Components
  • DEF Free
  • Highly Customizable


Easy Maintenance

The absence of a soundproof casing makes it easier to access the engine and other components for general maintenance and repairs. Enclosed generators must be dismantled and many nuts and bolts removed to allow access to the engine, making it complicated to maintain. With an open-powered generator, these issues become non-issues as most components are immediately accessible. Prominently, the replacement of consumable parts or upgrades can be installed easily.

Affordable Pricing

Most open-powered generators are cheaper in price compared to enclosed generators. Every penny spent on equipment or running costs can significantly impact profitability for a small mobile business owner. Although open-powered generators are cheaper, they do not lack power quality or durability. Businesses can save money with a more powerful generator that fits their requirements, which would have been impossible with an enclosed generator.

12,000 watt Open-Powered Diesel Generator




  • 12,000 Watt Open Generator
  • Tier 4 Final Clean Diesel Engine
  • Easy to Service
  • Rugged Industrial Grade Components
  • Low Speed &Liquid Cooled
  • Highly Customizable


Increased Ventilation

Open generators' design offers adequate ventilation, providing better cooling for the engine and preventing issues related to dust, debris buildup, and overheating. Enclosed generators are prone to more rapid overheating and reduced cooling since the sound-dampening materials get in the way of the airflow. Mobile businesses operating in hotter and more humid regions will find an open generator more effective, as it is less likely to succumb to the effects of heat and humidity.

Open-powered generators provide operators and business owners with increased performance, easy maintenance, affordability, and increased ventilation. With an open-powered generator, businesses no longer have to worry about overheating, maintenance issues, or the high costs of enclosed generators. With these advantages outlined, mobile companies should consider an open-powered generator as a cost-effective and practical alternative to enclosed generators when purchasing their next generator.


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