The mobile specialty industry is not landlocked to the United States alone. Many of our top customers reside outside of the US. The demand for remote mobile power is growing worldwide, and PowerTech generators have been in the export generator segment for over 32 years. Through PowerTech's close work with United States military sub-contractors and domestic OEM's who export specialty vehicles abroad, PowerTech has gained a sizable following overseas. Clients are always surprised to hear that about 20% of what we build leaves the US, either directly to OEM builders or as part of a specialty vehicle exported by one of our vendor partners.  

Shown: PTI-20MBL


In some countries, ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel can be hard to find, or it may not be available in some locations. The problem is due to the lack of emission laws that we face here in the United States. In the United States, we adhere to Tier 4 Final Clean Diesel emission requirements. Some countries outside the United States may still only adhere to Tier 1 or Tier 2 emission requirements. The difference in these emission requirements often results in low-quality diesel fuel in some countries. If an operator tried to run a clean diesel generator in those conditions, the generator would fail. PowerTech's solution to this issue is to supply export customers with Tier 3 generators. As a result, PowerTech customers don't have to wait six months for engines to arrive for a project. PowerTech's export sector specializes in 50Hz generators and can accommodate plug connections to fit the country's desired configuration.


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