Sales Manager

PowerTech’s experience continues to grow, and with experience comes asking the right questions. With this in mind, Bill Dauley handles three specific segments for our sales team and has the expertise to ask the right questions. Bill Dauley has been in the generator industry for almost 20 years, and his roles during that time have ranged throughout sales, service, rentals, and parts support. Now, Bill uses this experience to help customers get the right mobile generator customized for their application.

Market Segment Specialties:
Trailers, Mobile Structures, and Luxury Coaches


Trailers – If you are building or outfitting a trailer that needs a generator, PowerTech can help. With an understanding of specific needs on trailer builds and knowledge of what accessories (fuel tanks, custom monitoring, etc.) work best, we can assist with getting you the right equipment that fits your needs.  


Mobile Structures – As we see more demand for mobile structures in the healthcare, security, and emergency response sectors, we also see more demand for generators customized to fit those needs. PowerTech identifies your mobility, transport, and installation needs so that our generators work seamlessly with a mobile structure.


Luxury Coaches – As luxury coaches have become more innovative and installations more custom, PowerTech has been able to keep up with this expanding industry. With the ability to provide custom slide racks, remote connection harnesses, and the ability to control your generator from your cell phone, we provide what our customers require.

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