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As natural disasters and civil unrest increase, the need for quick and efficient response teams becomes more crucial than ever. This is where mobile command centers come in. They are flexible, cost-effective, and can be deployed to any location deemed a hot spot or incident area. While brick and mortar buildings are expensive and limited by their regional area, mobile command centers can easily move to where they are needed the most. However, not all mobile command centers are created equal - they require reliable generators that can provide clean power for all their necessary equipment. That's where PowerTech comes in. They offer a range of generators from 8 kW to 60 kW with endless configuration options, making them the go-to supplier for any mobile command application. It's clear that this sector deserves more attention, and with PowerTech's expertise, we can ensure that our responders are always connected and able to navigate any challenge.


In times of disaster, response teams need reliable power sources to keep their specialized vehicles running. PowerTech's generators are up to the task, built with the best components to ensure top performance. These generators are custom-built for each customer, providing a level of versatility and durability that standard generators can't match. And it's not just disaster response vehicles that benefit from PowerTech's expertise. Support vehicles like barracks and laundries also rely on their generators to keep the teams healthy and energized. When it comes to powering the recovery efforts that restore our way of life, PowerTech's generators are a critical part of the solution.




The PTI-38SI quiet enclosed diesel generator combines commercial-grade components and engineered sound-isolating paneling for optimum sound control. This 38 kW generator is Tier 4 Final compliant and meets all current emissions regulations. The PTI-38SI is a popular model among food trucks, specialty vehicles, and mobile medical manufacturers.

PowerTech Generators are all rated at the Model's Continuous Prim Power Rating. The PTI-38SI produces a consistent 38,000 watts within a quiet custom enclosure that is engineered and assembled in Leesburg, FL.  


PowerTech began working within the law enforcement segment in the early 1990s. It's no secret that having a mobile command center gives police a major tactical advantage in case of emergencies. With state-of-the-art cameras, communication centers, drones, and meeting facilities housed within a mobile vehicle, PowerTech helped give law enforcement a reliable and essential tool. The team worked tirelessly to engineer a generator that was specifically designed for this market, and today they proudly provide mobile command manufacturers with a cutting-edge Tier 4 Final clean diesel generator to replace outdated and unreliable models.

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