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Mobile Command Center applications are becoming more commonplace as critical responses onsite to natural disasters and civil unrest increase. Brick and Mortar buildings are expensive and only serve a small regional area. Mobile command vehicles and trailers are flexible and can easily be moved to an incident or hot spot. Although mobile command vehicles fall under the specialty vehicle category, we feel this sector requires more attention due to the connectivity and communications needed to deploy and monitor a force in the field on the move. Clean and reliable generators ranging from 8 kW to 60 kW with endless configuration options make PowerTech a leading supplier for mobile command applications.


Disaster response specialty vehicles operate in devastated areas where shore power is unavailable or not reliable. This means the generator is running every time, all the time. PowerTech's commercial-grade generators are assembled with the very best in components. Generators built to specification give our customers many advantages over standard-built generators. When a mobile disaster response vehicle is deployed, the team is often on an island, cut off from resupply or assistance. Support vehicles such as barracks and laundries are also outfitted with PowerTech generators, so the teams working to restore our way of life have the amenities they need to stay healthy and energized.




The PTI-38SI quiet enclosed diesel generator combines commercial-grade components and engineered sound-isolating paneling for optimum sound control. This 38 kW generator is Tier 4 Final compliant and meets all current emissions regulations. The PTI-38SI is a popular model among food trucks, specialty vehicles, and mobile medical manufacturers.

PowerTech Generators are all rated at the Model's Continuous Prim Power Rating. The PTI-38SI produces a consistent 38,000 watts within a quiet custom enclosure that is engineered and assembled in Leesburg, FL.  


PowerTech began working within the law enforcement segment in the early 1990s. Large public gatherings, sporting events, festivals, and other events require a strong police presence. Having a mobile command center gives law enforcement a tactical advantage if things go wrong. Having cameras, communications centers, drones, and robust meeting facilities within a mobile command vehicle or trailer is a huge advantage. PowerTech designed a generator specifically for that market to provide customers with a plug-and-play option for mobile command. Today, PowerTech provides mobile command manufacturers with a Tier 4 Final clean diesel generator engineered to replace old and outdated units.

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