Monitor. Control. Everything.

Generator Remote Monitoring

Customize your system with sensors for your vehicle

Remote Monitoring System CS

Available exclusively with PowerTech Generators

Vehicle and Generator Monitoring Made Simple

Experience unparalleled control and insight into your PowerTech generator and/or vehicle with the dynamic PowerTechCS App. Stay informed with up-to-the-minute updates on key systems and performance metrics, all presented in a sleek, user-friendly dashboard. Never worry about losing track of your vehicle again, as the app allows you to monitor its whereabouts and even set customizable alerts for added peace of mind. And with the ability to control an array of features with just a few taps, including lighting, A/C and digital switching systems, convenience has never been more accessible. Discover the power of the PowerTechCS App - your ultimate solution for staying connected to your most crucial assets.

Monitor Your Battery

Battery Monitoring

Monitor your generator’s battery & receive alerts if voltage is low

Monitor your generator

Generator Data

Monitor generator performance & information

Monitor your vehicle security


Add motion & entry sensors for the ultimate vehicle security system

Monitor your tank levels on your generator and vehicle

Tank Levels

Monitor tank levels (i.e. fuel, water, etc.) & check level history

5G Cellular Compatible for your generator

5G Cellular Compatible

The latest cellular technology connects you to your generator & vehicle

Monitor your shore power

Shore Power

Monitor shore power connection & receive power outage alerts

Monitor temperatures


Monitor ambient, refrigerator, and freezer temperatures with alert perimeters

Get engine metrics

Engine Metrics

Monitor your generator engine performance with charts & alerts

remote start and stop

Remote Switch Control

Remotely control multifunction displays, lights, refrigerator & more

Satellite Compatible

Satellite Compatible

PowerTechCS Satellite provides location & tracking when outside of cell range

Monitor your DEF levels

DEF Levels

Monitor your DEF levels on your generator with its dedicated tile

Connect sensors to your vehicle

Wired & Wireless Sensors

Create your custom PowerTechCS system for your vehicle & generator

Setup your Geofence and tracking

GPS Tracking & Geofence

Track your generator or vehicle’s location & receive alerts on movement

Remote Start your Generator

Remote Start/Stop

Remotely start your generator from anywhere in the world.

Fast and easy remote monitoring

Are you looking to harness the power of a PowerTech generator or vehicle? The good news is that getting connected is easier than you think. With a streamlined sign-up process and a 60-day free trial, you can experience the benefits of PowerTech technology without the hassle or commitment. Let us help you tap into the potential of your equipment – sign up today!

Get connected...

Ready to start the process to get connected to your generator or vehicle? The sign up process is easy and includes a 60 day free trail to get you started.

Cutting edge sensor technology

The ultimate generator monitoring experience is within reach with our Connected Solution monitoring system. Pair the CS Pro and PowerTechCS Mobile App to have instant access to critical information about your generator, day or night. Keep tabs on important factors like battery voltage, fuel levels, engine performance, temperature, and location, all from your mobile device. With the addition of a PowerTechCS Wired or Wireless Sensor, you'll have even more monitoring and control capabilities of your vehicle at your fingertips. Don't wait to take control of your generator's health and performance - get connected today!

Fleet Portal View

Manage large fleets from anywhere

Gain the upper hand with unprecedented mobile control over generators and PowerTech generators. With just a tap of your smartphone, tablet, or computer, stay on top of your fleet's performance through a portal that puts fleet managers in the driver's seat. This intuitive platform offers remote monitoring of alerts, scheduling maintenance, tracking locations, and more, putting you in full control of your fleet's performance. Get ready to take charge and revolutionize the way you manage your fleet.

GPS tracking & Geofence features

Safeguard your assets with the GPS tracking feature offered by PowerTech. With the Geofence option, you can create personalized boundaries within the app to monitor your generator or vehicle's location. The moment your PowerTechCS equipment crosses over the fence, you will receive a notification directly on your mobile device, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to react quickly. Protect your property with the cutting-edge technology of PowerTech.

GPS Tracking and Geofence Features

Start your generator from anywhere

With the Connected Solution's IoT cellular network, you can now start up your PowerTech generator from wherever you are in the world, as long as your cellular signal is up and running. And the best part? This isn't some add-on extra, it comes standard in every single PowerTechCS device. So say goodbye to worrying about power supply and hello to ultimate flexibility and control, all with just a few taps on your phone.

Unlock the possibilities with sensors

At PowerTechCS, we believe in providing a tailored experience for our customers. That's why we're proud to offer complete customization options that allow you to create the perfect system for your specific needs. While our CS Pro is already an excellent option, we understand that sometimes you need to expand beyond your PowerTech generator. That's why we offer the installation of sensors on your vehicle or trailer, so you can get the most out of your system. Let us help you take your power generation to the next level with our customizable options.

Wireless Sensors

Introducing the convenient way to effortlessly include wireless sensors into your workspace! Discover unique QR codes on every sensor that can be easily synced with the PowerTechCS app in no time. With the ability to add up to 16 wireless sensors per CS Pro, organizing your devices and giving them special names has never been easier. Say goodbye to hassle and hello to an efficient system!

Hardwired Sensors

Looking for a reliable and hassle-free sensor solution for your vehicle or application? Look no further than PowerTechCS! Our hardwired sensors offer a customizable, maintenance-free solution that's a breeze to set up. Say goodbye to costly maintenance and hello to reliable performance with PowerTechCS.

Download the App to get started

Download the free app to start your free 60 day trial of PowerTechCS. Discover the power of complete customization on your PowerTech generator and vehicle.

Download the App to get started

Download the free app to start your free 60 day trial of PowerTechCS. Discover the power of complete customization on your generator and vehicle.


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