Sales Manager

Nico Razo has been in the sales industry for over fifteen years. With superior customer service as a priority, Nico enjoys building solid and lasting partnerships with his clients through honest and open communication. Because attention to detail is so important, PowerTech's approach is to take a deep dive into our markets and market segments. Nico manages two of our top market segments at PowerTech.

Market Segment Specialties:
Fire & Rescue, Food Trucks, Mobile Marketing, and Experiential Vehicles


Food TrucksIf your food truck requires a generator, PowerTech can help. We understand that this market has unique needs, and Nico can help select customizations and specific accessories to get the most out of your PowerTech mobile generator. PowerTech has extensive experience working with food truck customers and ensuring their needs are met.


Mobile Marketing/Experiential VehiclesThe demand for custom generators is on the rise in the mobile market segment, and PowerTech has been able to keep up with this ever-expanding industry. Nico works closely with customers to help identify marketing and transportation industry needs. After the generator's requirements and specifications have been listed, Nico consults with his engineering team to manage the project to completion.  

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