Fabrication Capabilities

The one advantage PowerTech has over our competitors is the ability to fabricate parts for our custom generators. This investment gives us the ability to create quality-controlled custom parts in-house without the restraints of long lead times and product limitations. PowerTech generators would not be able to provide custom solutions for mobile applications without the collaboration of our sales, engineering, and fabrication team.


PowerTech uses a combination of press brakes, punch machines, miter band saws, and laser CNC machines to cut steel, stainless steel, and aluminum (.060-.375 thickness). The press brake forms 95% of products made by the laser. Our brakes are equipped with CNC ETS 3000 controller with three-axis back gauging that creates parts accurately for easy assembly. The brake is capable of forming material up to .50 thickness. The Euromac punch can punch material from .060-.250 materials and is commonly used to add small and large louvers to our panels.


PowerTech uses Miller & Lincoln welding machines. Our welding machines are capable of welding mig and tig on steel, stainless steel, and aluminum up to .375 thickness.


Once the parts are complete and ready for powder, the pieces are loaded on a hanging track system. The parts are taken into the wash area for a two-part wash. After the parts are clean and dried, it is ready for powder coating.


Once the parts are in the powder booth, PowerTech uses a GEMA OptiFlex 2B coating system. The pieces are coated evenly for a good mill thickness and finish. All of our parts have a mill thickness of 3-3.5 for consistency and durability. After the parts are coated, they are then loaded in the curing oven. When the bake time is complete, the pieces are pulled out to cool down.


A member of our fabrication team inspects all parts. Depending on the application, rivet nuts and sound foam are added as required by the drawings. Once complete, the fabricated parts are sent to our assembly building for installation.

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