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4 Bolt Exhaust Flange Gasket for Kubota 02, 03, and 05

Exhaust Flange Gasket For Kubota 02, 03, and 05 Generators. 

Kubota 4 bolt exhaust flange gasket for the following Kubota engines:

  • Kubota 905
  • Kubota 1105
  • Kubota 1505
  • Kubota 1902
  • Kubota 1903
  • Kubota 2203
  • Kubota 2203M


Finding the Power Tech generator serial number.

Power Tech serial numbers are usually located on the control box or outside the enclosure.  This depends on the make and model of the generator and when it was made.  On generators pre-1999, it could be stamped on the generator end.

Breaking down the serial number.

Serial numbers usually look something like this: KHA45DDD1234

For this part, your Power Tech serial number should start with "KH", "KM", "KN", "KQ", or "KF".

The Power Tech Mobile Generator Part Number: 04GKT05EX