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Truck Mounted 8 CSI Caterpillar Pulley Kit

Truck Mounted Caterpillar Quiet Diesel 8 CSI Generator Pulley Kit

Power Tech mobile truck mounted Caterpillar quiet diesel 8 CSI replacement pulley kit. This kit is specifically for the semi-truck application. This kit features the 2.5" fan mounting hub. This kit includes the water pump pulley, two belts, bolts, washers, and the complete idler pulley assembly. The kit comes complete to replace the pulley system.  

The idler pulley assembly includes the two bearings, the aluminum shaft and idler pulley pre-pressed and ready for installation.

Please measure the following parts:
  • This pulley kit is set up for the 2/5 inch fan mounting system.
  • The water pump pulley diameter is 3 1/4."

This fan is not included in the kit.

To learn more about pulley kits and the options available, please see our blog post on the KSI and CSI pulley kits.

Power Tech Serial Numbers

Power Tech serial numbers are usually located on the control box or outside the enclosure. This depends on the make and model of the generator and when it was made. On generators pre-1999, it could be stamped on the generator end.

Serial numbers usually look something like this: CAM21DBD1234KSI

For this part, your Power Tech serial number should start with "CAM" or "CAC".

The Power Tech Mobile Generator Part Number: 09PKIT-8CTB