PowerTech Mobile Generator Canbus Replacement???


Canbus Engine Controller

If you have a digital controller on your PowerTech generator, this blog is for you. The company who manufactured the Canbus controller is no longer in business. Because of this, PowerTech can no longer provide our customers with replacement Canbuses. So, what are your options? We have come up with a reliable replacement for our customers. It’s called the ECU Conversion Kit. This kit includes replacement oil pressure and temperature switches, an ECU controller, a new remote panel with an hour meter, PowerTech decals, and a detailed wiring diagram. 

There are two options for the ECU Conversion Kit. When selecting the conversion kit, please note that you’ll need to know if your start/stop switch on your control box is a momentary switch or a maintain switch. If it is momentary, you’ll need the ECU63 Conversion Kit. If it is a maintain switch, you’ll need the ECU64 Conversion Kit. 

PowerTech has had great success with the ECU controller and is the current controller for all of our new units. Please note that if you have the battery monitoring option on your unit, that function is no longer available with the replacement. If this is needed, our customers have the option to have their Canbus reprogrammed. There’s a $25.00 reprogram fee (shipping not included). Please contact us by phone or email if you’d prefer this option.


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