Basler Regulators...which one do I need?


Basler RegulatorBasler Regulator

You've just called our service department and our tech has determined you need a new Basler AVR regulator.  While browsing our list of regulators, you can't find one that looks like yours.  Don't worry, we're here to help.  The Balser AVR 63-4 Regulator has a new look.  When installing the new regulator, please follow the wiring diagram that is included with your regulator.  If you fail to make the proper wiring changes, you will melt the regulator and possibly burn up your generator end.  

Old and New Basler Regulators

If you need more information on this product.  Please contact our service department.  Our experienced tech will assist you in this installation and answer any questions you may have before installing this part.

If you need the wiring information, please click here for 120 and click here for 120/240



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