The Growing Mobile Medical Industry and How Custom-Built Generators Can Benefit

Over the past decade, technological advancements have significantly changed how healthcare services are delivered and received. One of the most significant changes is the rise of mobile medical units. From emergency response vehicles to mobile clinics, these units provide medical care on-the-go and have become increasingly popular. However, powering these mobile units can pose a challenge, and that's where custom-built generators come into play. This blog post will discuss the benefits of custom-built generators for OEM specialty vehicle manufacturers and mobile medical business owners.


One of the biggest challenges of mobile medical units is ensuring a reliable power supply. Medical equipment cannot function properly without a reliable power supply, and patient care is compromised. PowerTech custom-built generators are designed specifically for mobile medical units and can provide a consistent power source, even in remote locations. PowerTech generators can be customized to meet the specific power needs of a mobile medical unit, ensuring seamless patient care.


Noise pollution is a significant concern when it comes to mobile medical units. Hospital equipment is often noisy, and mobile units can amplify that noise, disturbing the peace in the surrounding areas. PowerTech's custom-built generators for mobile medical units are designed to reduce noise pollution through soundproofing, ensuring minimal disturbance in the surrounding areas.


Every mobile medical unit is different, and each requires a different power supply. Our custom-built generators are designed to be tailor-made for the specific mobile medical unit and the vehicle it's built on. This customization ensures that the generator is efficiently installed and integrated into the mobile medical unit, seamlessly operating when and where needed.

Mobile Medical Blood Bus
Inside a mobile medical vehicle


Mobile medical units rely on compact storage solutions. Space is at a premium, making it difficult to store large equipment like generators. PowerTech's custom-built generators are designed to be compact, ensuring they take up minimal space on the vehicle. With these generators installed, more space is available to store other necessary medical equipment.


With a reliable power supply and minimal noise pollution, mobile medical units can work more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Our custom-built generators ensure that the unit can operate seamlessly no matter where it's located, allowing healthcare professionals to provide essential medical services.


Mobile medical units provide much-needed medical services to under-resourced communities and disaster zones. PowerTech's custom-built generators play a significant role in ensuring a reliable power supply, reducing noise pollution, saving space on the vehicle, and providing increased efficiency. OEM specialty vehicle manufacturers and mobile medical business owners can benefit significantly from these generators. If you're interested in learning more about how custom-built generators can benefit your mobile medical specialty vehicle, don't hesitate to reach out to our PowerTech Team.


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