Solving Specialty Vehicle Builders' Generator Problems

Specialty vehicle builders face many challenges in their line of work. One of the most critical challenges they face is the need for reliable, durable power sources to keep their operations running smoothly. Builders can run into many issues with off-the-shelf generators, such as limited power output, overall size, and high noise levels. PowerTech custom-built generators address these issues and provide mobile business owners with a dependable and consistent power source. In this blog, we'll explore the various problems that specialty vehicle builders face and explain how a PowerTech custom-built generator can benefit them.

The first issue that specialty vehicle builders must deal with is the need for power sources to handle a varied workload. Specialty vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and each one requires a different amount of power to operate. Custom generators can provide a range of power output options to suit the specific needs of a builder's vehicle. These generators can run on clean diesel or gasoline, depending on the vehicle's fuel source.

PowerTech Mobile Diesel Generator On a Specialty Vehicle

Space is usually a critical constraint for specialty vehicle builders, especially those working on small vehicle models. Traditional generators are bulky and take up a lot of space, which hinders optimal use of the available area. However, custom-built generators can be engineered and designed to fit into smaller places, providing an optimal power source without needing extra space to install it.

Noise pollution is a significant issue for mobile business owners, particularly those operating in residential or quiet areas. Traditional generators can be noisy and disruptive, which can cause complaints from customers and neighbors. PowerTech's custom generators incorporate engineered technology to make them exceptionally quiet, reducing noise levels to a minimum. This low noise level is essential, especially for mobile healthcare providers or mobile pet grooming businesses.

Maintainability is also an issue that specialty vehicle builders face. Repairing or servicing stock generators can be cumbersome and time-consuming due to accessibility. PowerTech's custom generators are built to the specialty vehicle's specifications. The results are easy access points, same-side service, and add-on features like PowerTechCS that make it easy to monitor maintenance. Custom generators allow builders to keep downtime to a minimum and ensure their generator remains reliable throughout its lifespan.

Specialty vehicle builders continually seek ways to overcome the challenges they face in their line of work. One of the best ways to address their power needs is by investing in custom-built PowerTech generators. These generators offer a range of benefits, from specific power output to lower noise levels. By investing in a custom-built generator, mobile business owners can ensure their mobile business can operate smoothly and efficiently, thus enjoying the stability and profitability of their business.


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