Customization is in the Details

Customization comes in many forms, and not all customization is about engine specification. In some cases, the custom element is the enclosure of the generator. Sheet metal enclosures may require a custom powder-coat color, modified accessories, or be designed to meet a minimum size requirement. If the generator is exposed to the elements, the enclosure is the only line of defense.

PowerTech offered a solution to this issue with a custom enclosed generator. In addition to fixing the water intrusion, our Sales Engineering team was also able to completely meet all the customer’s wish list in terms of battery isolator locations, positioning of output leads, custom Deutsch connectors for remote start/stop, global GPS locating and monitoring, conformal coating is a custom color and stainless steel base pan for added corrosion control. With the vast improvements over the competition, PowerTech saved this customer an average of 8 hours of wasted labor time. Solutions like this make our customers more efficient and profitable, allowing them to focus on their core business instead of tweaking and reconfiguring a generator that doesn’t work for their application.

PowerTech's water resistant enclosures are engineered to protect the generator from nature's elements and limit sound without compromising airflow and performance. Here at PowerTech, we manufacture our enclosures in-house from the engineered CAD drawings to laser cutting and powder-coating. Each panel is custom cut to provide optimum protection for our generators. For sound, all of our sound baffling sheets are custom cut on a waterjet to cover as much surface area for maximum sound restriction. With the PowerTech enclosed generators installed on the mobile tower applications, our engineered solution has saved this manufacturer both time and costly repairs for this project.


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