Enclosed Generators vs. Open-Powered Generators

Which is the Better Option for Mobile Businesses?

A reliable source of power is crucial for mobile businesses that operate in remote locations. It could be a food truck, a specialty trailer, or any other mobile business that depends on electricity to function. For such businesses, a generator is a perfect solution as it ensures that they have access to power, irrespective of their location. PowerTech Generators is a leading provider of custom gas and diesel generators for mobile businesses. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of enclosed generators over open-powered generators.SS Enclosed Diesel Generator

1. Lesser Noise Pollution: Enclosed generators are designed to reduce the noise levels generated by the equipment. The generator's enclosure is crafted with sound-dampening materials that absorb the sound waves and prevent them from escaping into the environment. This decreases the noise generated by the generator, making it more practical for use in populated areas.

2. Protection from Environmental Factors: Enclosed generators provide an extra layer of protection to the equipment within. The enclosure shields the generator from external elements such as dust, dirt, water, and debris. This adds to the longevity of the generator and helps it function efficiently over long periods of time.

3. Enhanced Security Measures: Enclosed generators come with extra measures that protect them from theft and vandalism. Theft and vandalism are common issues faced by mobile businesses. PowerTech Generators designs their enclosed generators with security features such as tamper-proof locks, alarms, and video surveillance.

Enclosed generator installed in a food truck.

4. Compact and streamlined Design: Enclosed generators offer a more streamlined and compact design compared to open-powered generators. This feature makes them easy to store and install. Many custom gas and diesel generators are designed to fit neatly within the mobile business's structure and offer a sleek, professional appearance. PowerTech has also made improvements to our generator enclosures. To learn more about these improvements, checkout the Enclosure Improvement blog.  

5. Better Airflow Management: Enclosed generators come with ventilation systems that ensure the generator's components do not overheat due to lack of air circulation. The ventilation system helps regulate the temperate within the generator's enclosure and enables the generator to function optimally.


Selecting the right generator for a mobile business is a crucial decision. While open-powered generators are cheaper and require less maintenance, enclosed generators offer several benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. Enclosed generators provide protection from external components, offer better security, reduce noise pollution, provide better airflow management, and offer a streamlined design. Pick an enclosed generator to ensure your mobile business has the power it needs to operate smoothly and efficiently, and drive your success forward. PowerTech Generators can help create custom gas and diesel generators that fit your specific needs.


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