Exciter Type Generator Ends

3 kW Generator End for a PowerTech Generator
8,000 watt generator end for a PowerTech generator
PowerTech Generator End for 20 kW

Exciter Type Generator Ends for a Power Tech Mobile Generator

Exciter Type or Brushless generator ends are a great choice for someone looking for a generator that's more efficient.  On average, exciter type or brushless generator ends feature about 85%-95% efficiency.  This is superior to the brush type generator, which is typically featuring about 75%-80% efficiency.  This difference in efficiency means that more of the total power of the engine is being converted into rotational force rather than being lost as heat.  Exciter generator ends tend to have a longer life span as they have no brushes to wear out.  Moreover, because you won't need to change the brushes and/or commutator ring, there is less maintenance required on a brushless generator end.  However, exciter type generator ends tend to be overall larger in size compared to the brush type generator ends and are typically more expensive.


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